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Address: Teşvikiye Mh. Hakkı Yeten Cd., No:23, Vital Plaza, K:5, Fulya, 34365 Şişli/İstanbul

Misconceptions about rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty, also known as nose correction, has become a well-known and widespread operation, depending on the technological development, especially nowadays. This, of course, led to the spread of a lot of well-known, but incorrect information about it. Although it is not possible to correct all the misinformation circulating on the Internet or in the public, we can at least correct the truth about rhinoplasty.

“Rhinoplasty is performed only for aesthetic reasons.”

This is the most common misinformation commonly known about rhinoplasty. Not all people who have undergone rhinoplasty do not have it done because they do not like the look of their nose and want to change it. Of course, rhinoplasty is also performed for aesthetic reasons. But not only aesthetic, it also serves to eliminate respiratory problems such as flesh and bone curvatures that make it difficult to breathe through the nose. In other words, it can be said that it has both cosmetic and functional function. In addition, nose fractures can occur during a fight such as boxing or a traffic accident. Again, rhinoplasty is preferred to reattach the curved nasal bone and return the nose to its former appearance.

“The bruising and edema that occur after rhinoplasty do not disappear for months.”

After rhinoplasty, some side effects occur after any surgical procedure. However, these side effects vary depending on the type of surgery and the person. For example, nose tip shaping and bone correction are two different surgical procedures. Therefore, the side effects are accordingly. After the rasping of the nose bone, bruises may naturally appear on the patient’s face. However, these are certainly not permanent bruises. Otherwise, your doctor will definitely tell you what to do to get rid of your bruises. These are usually simple instructions such as “use the creams prescribed by your doctor”, “keep ice packs on bruises at regular intervals” and “stay away from bumps”. This will make your bruises disappear in no time. The marks from your aesthetically removed sutures will also disappear completely.

“Patients experience a lot of pain after a nose job.”

This is information that almost everyone knows to be true, but extremely false. The main reason why everyone believed this information to be correct was that rhinoplasties were painful processes back then. Nowadays, however, thanks to the technological progress, many new devices and many new techniques have been discovered. As a result, the healing process of a nose surgery is no longer a pain. In today’s healing processes, patients may experience tenderness in the nasal area, mild pain and regional discomfort. Since the development of today’s technologies including medications, your doctor will prescribe you various painkillers after the surgery to relieve these minor feelings. Thus, rhinoplasty is very simple and very comfortable and painless for the patient.